aka/ The Kid

Henry Lange/ Lead Vocals

Henry Lange rose to prominence in the late 1990s San Francisco, California rock scene as the lead singer of Uncle Melvin. In 1999, Lange rented his PA system to "partners in crime" Danny Pisano and Russ Pettit, after failing a previous audition, and later joined their hard rock band as lead vocalist when the band members decided that letting him join would both save them money and allow Russ to focus on his guitar playing. After finding out that the name NVS (which Pisano & Pettit called their band at the time) was being used by another band, Lange persuaded Pisano & Pettit to change the band's name from NVS to Uncle Melvin.

In June of 2004, Uncle Melvin appeared on the MTV Networks nationally televised game show, VH1’s Cover Wars. Selected from thousands of bands around the country, Uncle Melvin was the only band chosen from California. Airing from New York City and hosted by Paul Shaffer, bandleader of David Letterman’s Late show, the band performed Live in front of a studio audience and a national viewership of literally millions. Being flown across country to the most exiting city in the world to perform at MTV studios is an experience that Uncle Melvin will surely never forget. This event established Uncle Melvin as the premier cover band in Northern California. 

Soon after VH1 debut, Lange became well-known for his flamboyant showmanship and outrageous off-stage behavior. One SF-based music critic described Lange as "the most obnoxious singer in human history, an achievement notable in the face of long tradition and heavy competition." Although often noted more for physical than for technical vocal prowess, Lange's bluesy baritone voice and distinctive screams, along with his often humorous and campy stage antics, were integral to Uncle Melvin's  appearance & sound. Lange is able to take his voice into a multi-pitched wheeze/rasp, almost like a train whistle...After taking several years off to travel the world,  Henry is back with his old bandmates & has reformed as the Bay Area super group "SuperBad"!

aka/ The Legend

Jon Dostou/ Bass Guitar

Often called "the Eddie Van Halen of the bass," Jon Dostou just happened to catch his big break playing with former Uncle Melvin frontman Henry G Lange. Although Eddie Van Halen gets the lion's share of credit for popularizing the two- handed tapping technique on guitar, it's been rumored that Dostou began utilizing the same technique around the same time, albeit on his bass, resulting in a debate during the '90s (among guitar geeks, at least) as to who was the true originator. Hailing from the sunny locale of Northern California, Dostou spent much of the  late '90s and early '00s as the leader of NVS, a bar band that first started by playing covers before focusing primarily on original material (that sounded quite similar to glam metel rock bands of the day). Moving forward to today, Jon brings his legendary bass playing skills the the Bay Area super group "Superbad"!

Jon has his Master's from the Berklee College of Music & is a Composer/Performer/Educator. www.jondostou.com www.phonothesismusic.com

Russ Pettit/ Guitar

aka/ Racer X

Russ Pettit comes from a rock n’ roll background. He has listened to the Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry, since birth. His first concerts were The Who and Led Zepplin in 1980 when he was 7. Those concerts made such an impression that he can still remember where he sat. It was Randy Rhoads that finally motivated him to pick up the guitar in his sophomore year of high school. Black Sabbath introduced him to Ozzy Osbourne and “heavy metal”. He was hooked. The guitar became his favorite hobby. When Russ was 20, he finally had the time to devote himself to guitar. His obsession was born. He started practicing up to 8 hours a day. A highlight of those days was studying with Joe Satriani. 

His musical tastes have matured and broadened since his “heavy metal” days. He discovered Jeff Beck and spent hours analyzing the styles of Stevie Ray, Jimmy Page, Robben Ford, Mike Stern and Steve Vai. As a performer and a guitar instructor for over 15 years, he’s played and studied a variety of styles including Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Latin, Classical, and Folk. So when he writes music, he has a lot from which to draw. The focus of his music is melody. Russ feels that a strong melody gives a song longevity and helps it to transcend generations.

Russ Pettit’s CD, “The Endless Journey”, marks a break-through for him. It is a culmination of everything he’s learned. It is a tangible item that can take people on a journey out of the hustle of life and into the emotion and creativity of music. Russ has organized a band to support “The Endless Journey” in 2007 and he will be hosting clinics for Hamer Guitars. Russ is also on the artist roster for Hamer Guitars and endorsed by Freda Guitar Cabs. He has been picked up by Pump Audio publishing.

Shane Schlick/ Drums

aka/ The Fox

His resume reads like a who's who of drummers. Shane Schlick is known for dramatic, suspenseful drumming—often eschewing basic back beats for a fluid, busy technique focused on fast, cascading rolls across the toms, ambidextrous double bass drum work and wild cymbal crashes and washes. He is known in the Bay Area as one of the greatest of all rock and roll drummers. Please contact Shane @ www.shaneonthedrums@gmail.com