Come Out & Party & Have A Good Time in 2023!!!

Phenomenologists will have a ball in 2023 and beyond with the mania caused by SuperBad The Band, a generally harmless form of madness, which deluged Northern California in 2023.  As Fredrick Lewis reported in one San Francisco newspaper, "The mania caused by SuperBad The Band affects ALL social classes and ALL levels of intelligence." The sole cause of this mania is a quartet of not so young gentlemen known as SuperBad, of whom Mr. Lewis said, "Their impact on Northern California has been greater than that of any other exponent of today's popular music. There has been adulation before...but Northern Californians have taken to the music of SuperBad like no other."

In less than a year, SuperBad has:

  1. Joined the ranks of world-class artists who have had a download become a major internet sensation. "Come Out & Party & Have A Good Time" is their first major release and is literally on the lips of every (twenty to thirty something) up & down the West Coast. 
  2. Achieved a popularity & following that is unprecedented in the history of show business.
  3. Become the target of such adoration by their fans that they were forced to cancel several one-night bookings because of riots. The uproar surrounding their their appearances has caused minor skirmishes between SuperBad fans & constabulary, on more than one occasion.

The band's first major release "Come Out & Party & Have A Good Time" was scheduled for release on August 1, 2015, but was leaked by a "Industry Insider". The mania caused by SuperBad has reached unbelievable proportions in Northern California; it has become a reverse form of land-lease & is spreading to Southern California.

Meanwhile, it is safe to say, that there will not be a major local periodical without at least one SuperBad article in the works. In the past few weeks, SuperBad has done a lot more than cause hysteria in Northern California. A SuperBad hairdo, created by Hollywood hair stylist Gene Shacove, resembles that of SuperBad guitarist Evan Mckee, aka/The Southern Gentleman. Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, & Justin Beiber have all considered adopting the new hairstyle.

SuperBad fan clubs are sprouting up like crabgrass, & SuperBad wigs are all the rage on college campuses. SuperBad buttons and SuperBad t-shirts are being readied for the marketplace. Where it will end is a mystery. All that is known is that SuperBad is off to a more riotous start than anybody, even SuperBad, ever dreamed.

Feeling restless? Don't be left behind, Come Out & Party with SuperBad, A Good Time is guaranteed!!! Hear & download, "Come Out & Party & Have A Good Time" @  www.superbadtheband.com


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